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Plunger Pump

Send inquiry now for the high pressure plunger pumps that are manufactured by us. We are National Equipment Company - a Coimbatore based Indian manufacturer, supplier and trader of plunger pumps, triplex pumps. These are reciprocating positive displacement pumps, which operates by using a piston or plunger. With these, the media is moved through a cylindrical shaped chamber. The triplex plunger pumps are also called high viscosity pumps, as they deliver high pump pressures and can handle solids as well as viscous containing media. Some of the advantages of plunger pumps are listed below:
  • Pressure is controlled easily without affecting the flow rate
  • Proper valve design, which allows the movement of viscous fluids, abrasives and slurries
  • The overall performance is minutely effected with the changes in flow rate and pressure rate
  • Wide pressure range : It can go up to very high pressure rate

The triplex plunger pumps have three cylinders, which directly increases its capacity. These can of single acting or double acting. Kindly submit your requirements, and we will reply with the exact specifications of our triplex pumps.

Plunger Pumps Specifications
We recommend you to choose our pumps after considering the following specifications:
  • Flow Rate
  • Horsepower
  • Operating Temperature
  • Outlet Diameter
  • Power Rating
  • Pressure
  • Pump Head
  • Stroke Volume