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Our Products

Coimbatore, India is the location from where we are fulfilling the demands of rice mill compressor, single stage air compressor, two stage air compressor and many allied products showcased below. Working under the name of “National Equipment Company”, we are trusted as the manufacturer, supplier of pumps, motors and industrial air compressors for rice mill etc. On request of customers, we can provide them the details of motor, number of cylinders, air displacement, working pressure and tank capacity of our rice mill compressors. The rice mill processor is one of the unique technology which is predominantly used in the operations of pressing and ginning. Our specialty products, single stage air compressor and two stage air compressor are used for the conversion of power into kinetic energy. Here, the power can be from any source viz electric motor or an engine. Also, the process of conversion is done by compressing and pressurizing air which can later on released in fast bursts, as required by customer.